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Comment by Trevor Strand on May 24, 2014

Posted On: 21:50:13 - 06/20/2014 - Viewed: 1421

Comment By Trevor Strand on May 24, 2014 at 3:55pm with the original post here:

Got my mount for pixhawk through ready made 3d. Good service, was shipped to me <24 hours after i ordered, got here in less than a week coast to coast. Install was easy and it improved my x-y vibrations very well. My z vibrations are about the same or better, but still exhibits excellent altitude hold characteristics. Here is my specs and a before and after of vibration if it is useful to others. Very happy with it. Great design, thanks for sharing.

DJI 450 clone frame

28mm / 1000 kv motors

10x4 SF plastic props

5000mah 3S battery


Pre Mount ( i was using 4 rubber posts prior to this one)


Post install

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